The new dope spot !

I'm here and OPEN! Let's just say if you haven't been by, your missing out! The Heights Theater is the new mecca space of Houston, of all things creative. M2 Gallery first opened its doors Sept.5 along with "chicle de anya" boutique.The opening started with a reception of Edward Gafford"s paintings. Breathless! If your like me, and love places with an awesome vibe,you've got to get over here. I literally feel like I'm in NY or London, concrete walls,and ART everywhere(only the good stuff). Guys really,come in and get on this awesomeness! and of course dope clothes...wink wink.


Peep this new steez!!

We are here and moved!Come check out Chicle de anya's new store space at 339 w.19th st. Hou.TX 77008 (Heights Theater) Opening Sept.5 7pm-11pm. And of course shop the new cute items that are just in!


Get fresh

Yes Yes the time has come for big changes! "Chicle de anya" will be relocating to The Historical Heights Theatre (one block down)! So excited about the change.....a little more doper, and fresher! To kick off the move we'll be celebrating on July 11, 8pm. Special performances by Juzcoz, Guerilla foco, and dj rwnd. And of course sweet threads for you lovely people to purchase!

chicle de anya
238 w. 19th st.
Hou,TX 77008

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"chicle de anya"...rope dress

My designs usually consist of a clash of colors, patterns and prints. I've recently looked to sculptures for inspiration and ideas. With the rope dress I wanted to concentrate more on the texture aspect. Bringing the garment alive in some unusual sculptural form, adding dimension to the prints and patterns. My shapes stay simple,cut always flattering, and of course oh so dope.


Chew on this !

People!! Can you believe "chicle de anya" is already approaching it's one anniversary? Yes, Houston is one more year cooler, doper,and wiser. I can say I am truly impressed with all the love and support from all my awesome customers. Special shout out's to all the local designers, Bueno Bueno Vintage, Yummy Buttons, Grits, Gini Martini, Overachievers, Bubblefreshdom, Kingdom Flight, and of course chicle de anya! We have arrived and here to stay!

Your closet needs these...



New Fresh Flavas

Ladies and Gents...(clear my throat)
Finally, "chicle de anya" will introduce mens apparel mid March 2009! Yes guys,where here for you too. We will mostly feature male local designers/artist, such as "Kingdom Flight","Bubblefresh apparel",and other gummy goodness. Watch out for details on the kick-off party!!! ch-ch-ch-check it!

contact me at chicledeanya@gmail.com for more info,or if your interested in being featured.


The Prom hoody

My friend Ev (evsaid.com) has been getting after me for not designing recently...This is what resulted...yeah for me! I absolutely love this hoody.

"chicle de anya" the real deal...cause it's by me

So ...I finally decided to put my one-of-kind pieces in the chicle!


The real Designers are our Grandmothers...

So might I say my grandmother is...amazing. As long as I remember she's always knitted scarves, literally. With one eye closed,while cooking,and even sleeping...yes I saw it. All I know is that I have a new found respect for it. Trust me I've tried learning,my hands fail me each time...I don't think my brain is sending the right signals to my fingers. In the end, my grandmothers scarves are now available to everyone, and not just exclusively to my mother and I. Straight from San Luis Obispo, California to 'chicle de anya' !!!

New sweet things for my amazing life...