"chicle de anya"...rope dress

My designs usually consist of a clash of colors, patterns and prints. I've recently looked to sculptures for inspiration and ideas. With the rope dress I wanted to concentrate more on the texture aspect. Bringing the garment alive in some unusual sculptural form, adding dimension to the prints and patterns. My shapes stay simple,cut always flattering, and of course oh so dope.


Chew on this !

People!! Can you believe "chicle de anya" is already approaching it's one anniversary? Yes, Houston is one more year cooler, doper,and wiser. I can say I am truly impressed with all the love and support from all my awesome customers. Special shout out's to all the local designers, Bueno Bueno Vintage, Yummy Buttons, Grits, Gini Martini, Overachievers, Bubblefreshdom, Kingdom Flight, and of course chicle de anya! We have arrived and here to stay!

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