paper city

As a kid I would make costumes for my brother and I, out of newspapers, found objects, garbage bags, to wear on our trip to Grandma's. But not as sophisticated as this. The perfect origami pleats to create a well architectural suit is flawless...out of newspaper? (but not really) even better. Balenciaga 2010 Fall collection is a perfect mix of found objects,origami paper, and found textiles, creating a perfect sophisticated tailored art project.

Mark, I think you did it again.

Star trek + funky class= epic collision


Oh Bernhard...

Every since I saw Nick Cave's amazingness sculpture people at the CAM, I could'nt help but to think about Bjorks cd cover for Volta. So of course I re-discovered my love for Bernhard Wilhelm(Bjorks costume designer for the cd).Take a trip to his world...here are few of my favs from spring/summer 2008.

Nick Cave - Soundsuits

If art, modern dance,fashion, textiles, had a baby, Nick Cave would be their first born. If Bjork hasn't contacted this artist already...well let's hope she has. If your visiting Houston or you live here,please show love. Mr. Cave's Soundsuits are in display at The Contemporary Museum May 15 - July 25 2010...trust me you want to see this up close.


las dos fridas

Christian Lacroix...oh how I love you for this. Spring 2008

I'd figure I would get it out of my system now. My favorite painting of dresses, but if you know me (you'd already know this).I saw this in person, amazingness. All of a sudden I think I want to paint my room blue.

the painted dress

I don't think I've ever told the story of how fashion just kinda happened for me. In so many words...I painted dresses, a lot of them. Honestly, I never noticed till my mother pointed it out to me(20 years later). Was I secretly fulfilling a need to design clothing without doing it? I don't know, but I listened. In the end it made since,the color,textiles,patterns, fashion became my sculptural paintings.


Late 90's cool...it's all i need

I must have seen this video over ten years ago. It's still in heavy rotation on my ipod. High fashion? Not so much, but i just love this tomboy, laid back, I put on the first thing I see look. Ultimately...me. It's true, I personally don't care to "wear" heels, but yes I do love. I think style doesn't mean obsessing over what to wear, but how you put the pieces together. Personally, my best looks took no fore-thought. TRUST ME, if you have the confidence, you can make the oddest things look dope.



So yes, it's in the works, the "chicle de anya" online store. Here's a sneak peek of this goodness.