gucci gucci LOUIS LOUIS... VUITTON Spring 2012

According to Kreayshawn, I'm a basic girl. But of this is being a basic girl, I dont want to be anything but. SPRING 2012 is what any child-like woman would want to wear at a party, eating pastel frosted cupcakes on a doilie covered table. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I could wear Marc Jacobs everyday, for the rest of my life. More cupcakes!


Mount Kimbie - ".... but those are the dirty secrets"

I had the privilege to stumble upon Mount Kimbie at sxsw 2011...they had me at HELLO.


The Science of Gael

Stephane, is often the name I want to call him. Gael Garcia Bernal, is no doubt one of the best actors in my time (according to me). Not only does he have a beautiful face but has the talent to match it. His character in Science of Sleep (2006)won my heart completely. Every quirk and random thought his character made, gave me hope in people. I say Hello to all the Stephane's out there (myself included) keep on being dreamers and don't get caught up in the everyday's of life. Sleep and dream more.


Lykke Li - I Know Places (Live on the Moon)

I swear Lykke li reads my journal. Thoughts exactly. "The high won't fail here, babe."


Agoria (Heart Beating Kid A) + Suzuki Seijun | Style of Cinema

I'm always in search of the perfect runway song for my collection. The first time I heard this song it took me back to the past year, along with every piece of clothing I've made in the past months.I've often thought you have to acknowledge the past to pursue the future. This is my burial song to the past year. This song embodies every emotion, feeling, and thoughts I've felt this past season. No doubt my clothes is a reflection of just that. I wanna copy these lyrics and carry them deep in my brain...and forget they ever existed.


Garden State...classic scene.

Absolutely love Zach an Natalie for this scene.

You make me "Smile " Lily Allen

Lily Allen always has the right words to say about every break-up,Firt's loves, to the everyday random walks in the park. So much so, Common and other rappers sample her music. But this chick offers so much more...a dope personality and a mad fashion sense. A muse for Karl Lagerfeld???? Enough said. She is officially apart of a group that speaks Iconic Muses.


The Chemical Brothers - Swoon

It's been that type of year. "just remember to fall in love, there's nothing else." NOTED.


MARY KATRANTZOU...my new bff

Geometry and pop-up books...the first things that come to mind. All I can think of are children"s books and watching reading rainbow. A perfect example of how childish can be genius.


Mauvais Langue - "chicle de anya" interview

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Houston, Texas based visionary and fashion designer, Anya Lloyd, puts the “chic” into chicle de anya, the name of Anya’s delectable confection of dresses, leggings and more. Her playful use of patterns and clever blend of colors combined with fine quality makes her creations distinct and swoonworthy. Not to go unnoticed is Anya’s obvious inspiration from music that is a recurrent theme through the various collections she designs. The fashionista took time out of her schedule to chat with Mauvais Langue on the subject of “cool people,” the influence of music and the thrills of being a designer.

Mauvais Langue: What inspired you to start your own line?
Anya Lloyd: Art inspired me. I’m a painter by heart, but I love fashion. Creating my own line gave me the satisfaction of doing the best of both worlds. In my own words, I feel like I’m creating sculptures you can live in.

ML: What motivates you to continue designing?
AL: I’m not gonna lie…cool people. When I see a random awesome chick, I immediately think, “She should wear my clothes!” Most importantly, people that “get it” are the kids that really dig my stuff and are amazed; which makes me naturally want to make more.

ML: Muses?
AL: The first thing that comes to mind is electronica, not a person. Well, my friends too. I often think, “Can i see them wearing this?” If not, I don’t make it.

ML: Where can someone outside of Houston obtain some of your frocks?
AL: Online on my blog, www.chicledeanya.blogspot.com. I usually post pics of things I’ve made. It’s pretty easy to contact me too.

ML: Your line features a ton of edgy styles that have whimsical details. I consider the whimsical details woven throughout your line as your “signature.” For Betsey Johnson, it’s her use of ruffles or stud detail. For Custo Barcelona, it’s punchy patterns amid vibrant colors. Did I get it “right” by saying your signature is all in the details?
AL: YES! I also love textures and patterns. I feel like my clothes are a reflection of my paintings. I usually mix patterns and add an element of surprise. I’m a believer of mixing crazy prints together.

ML: Any new developments for chicle de anya?
AL: Currently, I’ve really gotten into styling for photo shoots. But with me, who knows? I may surprise you. I might one day quit my day job and start my chicle de anya empire.

ML: Music and fashion go hand-in-hand. There are many musicians with successful lines. In addition, many designers state that certain singers, bands or rappers serve as the key inspirations for their collections. Do you feel that music influences some of the collections you have created or will create?
AL: Music is chicle de anya. The greatest compliment anyone ever told me was: “Your clothes look like music, your patterns are like beats.” When I work, music is on heavy rotation. Bjork, Roisin Murphy, Little Dragon and M.I.A. are women I admire in every way. Like you said, music and fashion are connected at the hip. I think it’s awesome that some musicians are making clothes; it’s an extension of their creativity. I’m personally a fan on M.I.A.‘s line, which is basically hoodies and leggings…which coincidentally is what I’m known for. ♫



YELLE and Castelbajac give me a smiley :)

What's a better match than this?? fashion imitating music...and vice-versa.

Custo Barcelona Fall 2011...in other words "techno boheme" at it's finest.

Spain...you've never let me down. My first reaction to his collection was, "did a cat attack the Dalmau's fabric and yarn?" If so, should I get a cat? Simply awesome. Who ever thought you could rock your grannies quilts to the club?! ladies and guys, this is innovation at it's finest. For years Custo Barcelona has given me the courage to mix prints,texture, color, patterns, in a way no one would imagine...thank you for doing it again.


No Doubt - Simple Kind Of Life

To all the girls who know exactly what they want...but please do it with pink hair.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac....101 ways why your loved.

Designers are modern artist. They are able to gather inspiration from the most uncommon places and are able to complete a collection of pieces, that work amazingly well with one another. So what happens when you get a classic childhood movie,typography, Scotland ,black and white with bold color?? Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Fall 2011 collection. When you think of contemporary art you have different categories, Abstract, Pop art, Performance art, etc... There is no doubt, I would define his clothes as Pop fashion. I've always enjoyed watching his past seasons, I become that little girl again watching early morning cartoons,it's visually pleasing and exciting. No need to think to hard about some underlying meaning...just great clothes that gets you excited about getting dressed in the morning. Here's a few of my favs (so many it was hard just to pick a couple). Enjoy.