The Prom hoody

My friend Ev (evsaid.com) has been getting after me for not designing recently...This is what resulted...yeah for me! I absolutely love this hoody.

"chicle de anya" the real deal...cause it's by me

So ...I finally decided to put my one-of-kind pieces in the chicle!


The real Designers are our Grandmothers...

So might I say my grandmother is...amazing. As long as I remember she's always knitted scarves, literally. With one eye closed,while cooking,and even sleeping...yes I saw it. All I know is that I have a new found respect for it. Trust me I've tried learning,my hands fail me each time...I don't think my brain is sending the right signals to my fingers. In the end, my grandmothers scarves are now available to everyone, and not just exclusively to my mother and I. Straight from San Luis Obispo, California to 'chicle de anya' !!!

New sweet things for my amazing life...