Angela chase...my so called life

Being in junior high in the early 90's where the most awkward times for me. I did'nt know if i should wear Doc's or Fila's, Plaid shirts or cropped neon tee's. Amongst the vast cliques and styles to be in...Angela Chase from my-so-called life made me see it wasn't necessary to choose one. I will forever love her for being who she was and not caring...even too dyeing her hair red (trademark). Angela Chase your character will forever be my muse. Here's a tribute to your awesomeness and being a great role model to us 13-ish girls everywhere back in the day.


introducing MIA's clothing line...Okley

Swagger like us...

If anyone knows me best, they can tell you I could live in a hoody everyday of my life. There's nothing more perfect than a dope hoody with an awesome print/design. Thanks to M.I.A I can live in a different one everyday. It's no surprise M.I.A made a progression towards clothes..besides her clothes look like her music. It's art, no matter what form, they all counter act one another. Dope clothes, dope music...let's go out and have a dope time.


From my vintage jewelry box to your legs! (I couldn't help but to notice the similarities)

I couldn't help but to post the latest leggings I've made. Even if it meant taking it with my phone, because my camera died (please excuse the quality). So, just see it as a sneak peak! I found this beautiful brocade like knit, and my obsession with leggings came back. I immediately thought about the Brocade Alexander McQueen brocade pants we got in at Saks, and thought this will be the street version of them, (well the "chicle de anya" version). Say hello to the new "Alex and Anya" leggings!


Sow Into this!

Roisin Murphy-Sow into you
Bjork will forever be my idol, but this lady is a close runners up. How can she not be more famous?! Her voice,style,music,attitude is so on point and ahead. Roisin Murphy, you are over the top and perfect. Please give us more amazing clothes and videos to obsess over, and those sweet dancing skills. enjoy.

London street punk done right! Balenciaga spring 2011

yes yes yes!If I can be anywhere in the world right now,it would be in Camden town in London. Where the birth of Doc Marten's took place, where the punk scene is still alive and young. But for now, I'll have to re-live my trip through Balenciaga. As always, enjoy.