Samo is not dead.

Valentino Fall 2006

I recently watched " Basquiat - The Radiant Child" I am at a lost for words. The best documentary I've ever seen. Yes , I am partial to Basquait, but this film was simply amazing. He was a remarkable artist that will forever be apart of my art. Thank you for inspiring the generation of artist following you, including myself.

December 22, 1960 - August 12, 1988


last night i had a dream about you...

I secretly envied Juliette Lewis for this Gap ad. 5 years later...it's still the now.


Roisin Murphy...on point

Can I have some more of her style please?

If I had a designer mother, her name would be Consuelo....(Marni)

I must admit, I get to see things a fashion person would dream of seeing on a daily basis. My typical morning at Saks while going to our studio,is walking by a Carolina Herrera trunk show (seeing details of embroidery at it's finest),to meeting the representative from Huate Hippie who was Catherine Malandrino's assistant at one time. Literally everyday can be fashion amazingness...and yeah I totally take it for granted. On to my Marni... The rep for Marni spoke to us about Consuelo, designer for Marni. I instantly fell in love with her aesthetic. She considers herself an artist, can find inpiration in anything, a mood, a painting, a feeling. She finds color palettes in paintings for her collections...brilliant. She's never had any formal training, drapes everything... so umm sorta sounds like me? Her thought process (from what I could grasp)was of a fine artist, her approach to clothing? exactly the same.