Flight Facilities - Crave you Feat. Giselle [Official Video]

Simply put, this video makes me want to go to the nearest Urban Outfitters and buy striped shorts. I absolutely adore and love this song...slowly becoming an all time favorite. It's in constant rotation in every high-end hip boutique,I must of shazam'd it at least 3 times now. And not to mention the lyric's are pretty much the story of every girls life...mine included. enjoi.


Jean Paul Gaultier at the Dallas Museum of Art

Jean Paul Gaultier, whose early work in the 1970s earned him the nickname “enfant terrible" of fashion, is unquestionably one of the most important fashion designers in recent decades. This is the first exhibition devoted to Gaultier, who draws inspiration from dance, pop-rock, cinema, television, photography, and world cultures. The exhibition highlights Gaultier’s eclectic and vibrant sources of inspiration through a selection of over 140 haute couture dresses and ready-to-wear pieces made between the early 1970s and 2011. Dallas is the first of only two U.S. cities on the international tour.

Come to this people.

Yayoi Kusama Teams Up With Vuitton In The Best Collab Since Stephen Sprouse

Louis Vuitton's collaboration with the late graffiti artist Stephen Sprouse in 2001 (as well as a 2009 reissue) was probably the most exciting thing to happen to the monogrammed bag since the invention of the alphabet. However, their newest collab with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who's known for her red-and-white polka-dot art, might be just as brilliant.
Her spots will appear on LV products ranging from bags to clothing to jewelry this summer (though don't plan on finding them on the Fashion Week runways in February, though). Marc Jacobs, the artistic director at storied brand, has always looked to the pop-art community to breathe fresh life into the their designs, taking Murakami, Prichard Prince, and — of course — Sprouse, and introducing them to a whole, mass community. We definitely think it's about time that Yayoi's work becomes a household name. Look for the pieces in stores this July. (WWD)

Marc Jacobs Fall 2011

I can't help but to notice the crazy similarities between Marc's collection for Louis Vuitton and his own line Marc Jacobs. Restricted yet playful school girl, is my interpretation for this collection. Besides you had me at "polka dots". I consider this my welcoming to the 30's (year olds) I always try to relate each designers collection in my personal life. Thanks Marc Jacobs for giving me a clothing palette to start my decade off right.