cuz my besties are models and photographers...

"chicle de anya" designed and made by me

So what do you do when you have amazing talented friends??!! ummm, photoshoots? yes. Whenever Aaron Baxter (photographer),and myself (designer, stylist)are both feeling inspired at the same time, this is the result. It's so beautiful how we come together and create this art where both so passionate about...there's no words...we just know when we did something amazing. It's this natural high, no drugs, no alcohol, just fashion...so awesome. Asia (model), you rocked it girl...yes people this girl is just as beautiful in the inside. When you get a dope group of people to work together, it's exactly that...together, on point.


thats it... I'm buying some chucks!

Converse - "All Summer" - Music Video
If summer was still here, I would say this would be my anthem. In that case, it's my winter anthem. KId Cudi, Best Coast (amazingness),Rostam Batmanglij, did such an amazing collab for Converse...keep them coming guys. enjoy.


Gloomy Sunday

It's been a little more than half a year, and to think that Alexander Mcqueen took his life, is still a shock. A memorial service was held for him on Monday, Sept 20. Friends such as, Naomi Campbell, Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Bjork where attendees just to name a few. Bjork sung a Billie Holiday song called "Gloomy Sunday", and was wearing an angelic wood-like dress created by the designer. Before Lady Gaga and her many Mcqueen outfits, there was Mcqueen and Bjork. Bjork has worn Mcqueen since the mid 90's. The Homogenic cover album was designed by the late designer, and has worn numerous of his designs in concerts, and he also directed her music video to "Alarm Call". It's not often you get to experience two genius minds working together , but when you do, all you experience is beauty.

the story of my life.

It's pretty simple. My everyday... chaos, disorder, and never a dull moment. The truth is we got some awesome children mannequins. Which of course is also my department, surprised? nope. Anyway, I was so excited, and like a dork I whipped out my camera phone and took pics of them. Then took pics of my desk and my collage of photos that inspire me. Welcome to my everyday...


MIU MIU Fall 2010

This is by far my most favorite collection Muccia Prada, the Italian designer has produced. As I get older, I've notice my taste for clothing has gotten a little more sophisticated, but still cannot let go of the adolescent in me. This collection is the perfect mash-up between law school and kindergarten. The cuts and shapes are simply a throw back to (my most favorite fashion era) the 60's. I say if Edie Sedgwick where alive today she would be dressed head too toe in MIU MIU.

Pier Pressure - Banksy, you still pretty much rock...

Free willy?


"ev said" is moving to NYC (brooklyn) this is why I'm jealous

My friend and collegue, blogger "ev said" is moving to Brooklyn. We both went to Fashion design school together,and where even together graduation day.We often talked about how it was a dream for all of us including ashleigh (blogger " fried chicken & champagne")to one day move to NYC and rule the city. Eve heres your time, go out and represent "team dope" for the rest of us...much love.

Art History....Anna Sui- Fall 2010

The first time I fell in love with Anna Sui was about 10 years ago when I first discovered the art of Fashion. Thats what her clothes are...art. I love how her clothes are usually and always influenced by rock and roll. She has a bohemian chic that makes you want to listen to Lenny Kravitz and wish your mom saved her clothes from the 70's. (Thanks mammi for saving nothing!) So to make up for those forever lost treasures, us gals can look towards Anna Sui (without the moth balls).